I was born in Cagliari I studied Italian Literature and I have a master Degree in Marketing. When I finished I left Cagliari to go in London where I stayed almost 2 years.

I started to shoot there, years ago, the photography became a way to express myself without so many mistakes speaking.

When I came back in Sardinia I started working in a studio for more than 4 years, traveling in Europe and US, doing reportages, commercial shootings, portraits, artwork reproductions for clients like Bugatti, Il Palato Italiano, Rolls Royce and Sardinian Art galleries.

Now I am a freelance photographer. 

I am working for MJGR Records, Jane Studio, Genesis mobile and following personal projects and clients requests for portraits, reportage, backstage, with the objective of putting the value of the people in the centre of my work. 

Always ready to travel around the world.